Ask for phone number online dating dating website for satanists

26-Mar-2016 08:55

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Probably a third of the women ask for my number first.I've had conversations where i've asked for the girls number after about 4 messages, which just killed it off. The key is making a connection in 4 or 5 SOLID messages so they are comfortable with you. They write short boring messages as if they were text messaging someone.

I think either they are lazy, or really have no desire to talk to you for anything. I will usually ask for a woman's number or ask her out after 3-5 emails each way. Contact over email tends to keep a neutral comfort zone until you have actually met. Having a phone conversation prior to a date / meetingisn't mandatory.The absolute best method for getting a phone number from any person is to give out your own.If you are interested in contact with said person outside of POF then this is the best way.I was also messaging another girl for about 4 weeks, and never asked, and its kind of died down because there's only so much you can talk about really. Posts3752061It depends a LOT on your messages and how well you can write. Every message you write should be focused on learning about her and making her more comfortable with you. After 4 or 5 SOLID messages I tell her I want to hear her voice. I offer my phone number so she can call me and block her number if she wants for the first call or she can give me hers. I write long messages asking questions and being fun/flirty if I am interested. Or An ice cream at...."Aside from above advice, I still always find that women who know what they want and actually intend to meet people here will know and respond positively after a few messages.

Realize a LOT of the folks on here are not going to meet you after 500 messages. Good Luck Cowboy I don't know if age group has anything to do with it, but if he does not ever ask for my number or offer his after 3 to 5 messages, I assume he is not interested. The ones who will never meet are wasting your time, which is probably the majority of those who want lots of emails.They would rather let you go "softly"., without the confrontation or argument.... Just like a good salesman knows, you have to ask for the order right away, to get your answer! do you want to be a top salesman, or the bottom feeder scavenging for left over? They do not care if she does not respond to his text. But guys, again, calling will get you much further than texting. You identify the features and benefits of your product, ask them for an order and facilitate their ability to place the order. Agreed, I've tried it both ways, and giving the number and letting them initiate the conversation offline when they are comfortable is the best bet.