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30-May-2016 03:26

We wanted to grow little by little, steadily and naturally. 3rd Phase: We expand and take in new members (both male and female) – for free! We try to be as open as possible regarding our website and its functioning. I wrote a few guys and most of them wrote back, all of them polite!

In this phase, our main goal was to take in as many new users interested in dating as possible. The newcomers had free access to all the website’s features and functions. Simply because we wanted this site to be a lively community of like-minded people, and the more users we have, the higher their chances of finding a perfect match.… We endorse a fair and innovative approach to running a website by offering you a unique look into our "backstage", inviting you to witness our website's life cycle: 1st Phase: Preparation of the website We spent almost 2 years programming and preparing our website. Besides, everything's easy to handle and the number of users sufficient, especially considering they're all Christian! With one of them it's real pleasure and it seems we might get it to the next level now!

Although we don’t promise miracles, we'll work hard to make them happen. During your membership, we’ll inform you whenever someone new signs up or somebody shows interest in you. A modern dating service for Christians Contact: [email protected]: Basic membership is free of charge. Legal terms: Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Terms section.

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Practically all single Christians have already signed up. We have a history of great results because we aren’t afraid to set priorities and differentiate ourselves. We are a dating website focusing on long-term relationships Unlike others, our system aims at converting an acquaintance into a real date and a long-term relationship.We structure our membership plan for people who are serious about dating, filtering anyone else out.It’s impossible to view other members' profiles unless a user has uploaded their own photo and added information about themselves.none of your activity on the website is visible on Facebook.

3 rules to get a date Have you tried other dating websites? Lost patience with hundreds of questions in the obligatory signup forms on sites like e Harmony?

Whether you’re looking for a life partner who will share your beliefs or searching for someone to enjoy a cup of coffee and a concert with, you’re in the right place!

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