Dating sties to meet single men

21-May-2016 14:28

CHOOSE to look at the bright side, to appreciate wherever you are and the opportunities you have. Spend money on experiences and other people, not on things, nor on yourself. Know that you’re better than the insecure prick who needs to push others down to feel good about himself. Stop being an entitled prick, start being the good man you’re capable of being. Stop being so insecure that you can’t be kind to your fellow man.

If you don’t want to defend yourself or your family, if you’d rather have help be a phone call away rather than by your bed, so be it. Too many humans think they’re destined for something perfect when they haven’t earned it. The reality is that you need a bloody paycheck, so take the next job and work your ass off, climb the ladder, be better than your wage, and reap the future rewards.

Give your time to something other than your own benefit. Stop being so insecure that you can’t rejoice in the success of others.