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09-Dec-2016 21:08

But again the only problem with this is girls being hurt because they aren’t honest with themselves.

Beside that and again, as long as no one is hurting or forcing anyone….

If you give someone money for their bills, pay for all their meals, buy them clothes and then call it a relationship because you hang out during the day and have regular sex then you are naïve and a liar. There was a documentary made a while ago, I think it was called ‘Kuta Cowboys’.

It’s amazing how often this sort of thing ends in tears for western girls who thought otherwise. It’s quite insightful into another side of the sex trade that people don’t often think of when talking about prostitutes.

It is a question I am not too qualified to answer as I have only travelled to Indonesia and Singapore but from my understanding Thailand and Bali (Bali is of course not a country but an island of) would have to be the top of that list.

It is important to remember that Indonesia is an extremely large country with thousands of islands, it is extremely populated and for the most part very religious.

This stems mostly from religion with the vast majority of Indonesia being Muslim.

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Safest thing to do is to research before you go and be respectful. I get asked this all the time and it’s always the same answer – I love Indonesian people, some of my best friends are Indonesian and many of my friends, workmates etc are all Indonesian.Bali gets a free pass somewhat because of the tourism it attracts and of course the money that this tourism brings in.