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throws you into a Pixar-styled open world, sending you out to explore it with your trusty and exceptionally nimble jetpack.The landscape is equal parts high-towered city, majestic mountain and coastal hideaway and getting around it is an exhilarating ride in VR.Anyone who has already jumped on the VR bandwagon knows that the technology will grip the masses in the very near future.As titans like HTC and Oculus get ready to make huge holiday pushes to get their headsets into your home, these are the games you should be looking to buy or try before making your decision.

View the full list When you mention virtual reality (VR), most people’s thoughts turn to video games.

This is a great place to start the first time you fire up your Vive or Rift headset.

will take anything on your computer's monitor and recreate it on a resizable, curvable, floating screen in a virtual space that can also be inhabited by others. The key here is that both Xbox and Play Station will now let you mirror your console games on your computer's screen, meaning you can fire up and play it in a virtual space on a 120" screen that physically wraps around your entire field of vision.

Today online games which allow you to raise show dogs or sim horse games are also quite popular.

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Some artificial life games allow players to manage a population of creatures over several generations, and try to achieve goals for the population as a a subgenre of simulation video games in which the player lives or controls one or more virtual lifeforms.