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A large funnel is inserted into the anus of the female while she Actived: Saturday Feb 3, 2018Link: https:// Hearing is the first active sense in mammals, in humans even two months before birth,[1] and its great significance in Indian literature compared with other senses, especially seeing, is amply shown by a plethora of associations.), and his counterpart in a way, Vikarṇa “With widely extended ears”;[51] Kṣurakarṇī “Sharp-eared” (a female com­panion [mātr̥] in the retinue of Skanda[52]); Kṣemakarṇa “With quiet ears” (?), the composer of the Rāgamālā (1570 AD); Jaratkarṇa “Old Ear” (the author of R̥V 10,76)[53]; citra-karṇa “with speckled ears”, a camel (MW); Bāhya-karṇa “With (big?

With millions of daily users Actived: Saturday Feb 3, 2018Link: https:// Grindr (/ ˈ ɡ r aɪ n d ər /) is a geosocial networking mobile app geared towards gay and bisexual men, designed to help them meet other men in their area.

Since the R̥gveda one hears either with karṇa, which has no certain etymology, or with various nouns of the root ŚRU-,[2] from which also the word for pupil, śrāvaka, and thereby the adherents of the Jain and Buddhist convictions are formed.

Later, śruti “hearing; ear” (MW) also obtains the meaning of “reading”, for instance in duḥ-śruti “faulty reading”.[3] With the Jains, only three bodies of five-bodied beings have ears: the earthly (orāliya), the metamorphic (veuvviya) and the body of transference (āhāraga).[4]Indra is supposed to hear well: even from afar his ears are near.[14] When in the R̥g­vedic wedding hymn the sun’s daughter Sūryā marries (king) Soma, the ears are the wheels of her chariot.[15] As a termitarium can register sounds very well,[16] it is called an “ear of the earth” in the Taittirīya-Saṃhitā.[17] In the later speculative identifications of the Brāhma­ṇas one finds out the nature of the ear: Indra is the mind, Sarasvatī speech, and the Aśvins as twin deities are the ears.[18] Elsewhere, the Śatapatha-Brāhmaṇa says: heaven created the ear, and the seer Viśva­mitra is the ear, because therewith one hears in every direction and there is a friend of it on every side …..[19] Dying, one passes into the quarters by one’s ear,[20] the association of the ear with the compass directions arising from its indicating from which side a sound emerges.[21] In the Br̥hadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad the gods address the ear as a deity by urging it to chant the udgītha for them.[22] The Buddha has a divine ear (dibba sota-dhātu).[23] In the Kathāsaritsāgara Viṣṇu is the god whose ears are the cardinal points,[24] though he is depicted with only one head, as against the aṣṭa-karṇa Brahmā (MW).

His slave discovered the secret, whispered it into a hole in the ground, where reeds grew which, when shaken by the wind, betrayed him.[94] The tale, which was still popular in Greece in Crooke’s time, spread westward over Europe to Ireland and in Asia as far as Mongolia and western India, where the industrious collector found four versions of it: in Gilgit, Mirzapur (U. I won’t speculate why this is so but there was, as we know, an old contact with the Near East and Rome in this part of India.[97] The king’s right ear was like that of an ass.

A barber[98] whispers the secret to a sandal-tree under which the Rāja used to sit when being shaved.

Apparently spectacular for their ears are the snake demon Adhikarṇa (MW) and a female ghoul (karṇa-piśācikā).[25]The ear is also thought to have been created by the eye,[26] as in the human embryo eye and ear separate in the sixth month.

2 x 52 minutes) documentary with fictional re-enactments (you get the idea) made by Kapali Studios, and due for release around January 2019 (so no need to get too excited just yet).… continue reading »

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