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22-Apr-2016 08:54

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That's not such an uncommon occurrence in the tenuous project-by-project world of independent film, but my problems were actually not the typical ones that plague that insecure industry.What ultimately backfired on me were choices and decisions I myself had made.Their map of the soul lined up very closely with my own experience and helped me understand the way my own life was going.And second, they had developed a discipline of transformative practices meant to help people like me and you adjust the specific inner traits that are stumbling blocks to living as the beautiful and luminous souls we all have the potential to be.My task was to make very real changes that would reach into the foundation of my deepest being But where to get the guidance I so obviously needed? I read on the Jewish festivals and the teachings of the Torah. Then one day I happened on an article on Mussar as it erupted in 19th century Europe in the form known as the Mussar movement.My own inner compass had clearly let me down, so I couldn't rely on that. Everything I read on Mussar spoke directly to my soul's longing for practical yet deeply transformative guidance.In a strange way, I actually felt energized by my unmasking.I had suddenly been handed a very meaningful curriculum: my mission was to redo my life, from the inside out.

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I thought I was being practical and pragmatic, even effective.

In my youth I had been drawn to the spiritual disciplines of the East.

In Mussar I found a path of personal practice laid out and expressed in Jewish terms.

But that way of putting it implies that the soul is somehow a possession or appendage of the "I." Mussar sees it differently.

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Identity is not the main feature of our inner being, despite the ego's insistent and noisy protests to the contrary.

The Mussar masters knew that, and the tools they have handed down to us are the best guidance the soul could ever want.

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