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Man who was jailed for posting ex's nude photos harassing her again By early March 2017, the couple was on the outs again, she testified. "He repeatedly called, text(ed), and came by my home.He told me if I don't be with him that he was going to ruin my life, that he was not going to stop until I was with him. He's threatened a lot of things." She received numerous phone calls and text messages from Monroe, she said."I know about the PPO, but it's all bull(expletive) and you won't find me to serve me," Monroe told the police, according to court records."I talked with my lawyer and he said I can put naked pictures of (her) on the Internet and I am going to keep doing it until she gives me my (expletive) back. I am staying up in Pinconning with my crazy aunt and she will shoot anyone who comes onto her property." At his January 2015 sentencing, Monroe expressed contrition for his misdeeds.They are pictured here togeher It shows the elephants caressing each other with their trunks and flapping their ears – seemingly in joy - after spending an uncertain half an hour together where the keepers thought they may be worried about being separated again.A previous study conducted at the park by Mahidol University in Thailand and Emory University in the US, found that elephants comfort each other when they are stressed by chirping softly and stroking each other's heads and genitals.

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BAY CITY, MI -- After her ex-boyfriend served his jail time for posting nude photos of her on Facebook as part of his campaign to drive her to suicide, a Bay City woman opted to get back together with him.It takes more than open bra moments to make a show sexy.