Table not updating in open office Lithuania web cam girl

09-May-2016 15:07

You can see from the formula bar above that the cells in this table reference cells in a different Workbook.The cell formatting that you place into the Word document is taken from the Excel formatting.

From here, your Excel docs can be opened and updates can be made to the Excel cells (see more on how to update in the below steps).

Simply select the range of Excel cells you want to copy into the Word document and then use command-C to copy.

In the above screen shot, I used the Context menu (note that the dashed lines around the table I am copying indicate it is selected).

Note: DON’T attempt to open all the files independently, at the same time.

If you need to work on the Word doc and the Excel docs simultaneously, then open Word first and use it to open the Excel files as shown in the step below.

I’m sure there is a way to link them more robustly, but have yet to find it.