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``While we believe that Kelly's choice of words was inadvertent and that she did not intend them in an offensive manner, the words were hurtful and grossly inappropriate,'' Golf Channel said in its statement.

``Consequently, we have decided to suspend Kelly for two weeks, effective immediately.'' Woods and Tilghman have known each other 12 years.

It also was a topic on the practice range at the Sony Open.

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An Off-B'way Producer on the Best Ways to Network in NYC Theater "Bright Colors and Bold Patterns" producer Zachary Laks on running every production like a startup and how actors can best take advantage of the industry's accessibility.She was picked to host a club demonstration with Woods in south Florida when he talked about new products from Nike Golf.Tilghman was helped when Mark Steinberg, Woods' agent at IMG, said it was a non-issue and considered the matter ``case closed.'' ``Tiger and Kelly are friends, and Tiger has a great deal of respect for Kelly,'' Steinberg said Tuesday night in a statement released by Golf Channel.``There is simply no place on our network for offensive language like this,'' Golf Channel said in a statement.

Tilghman became golf's first female anchor last year when the PGA Tour signed a 15-year deal in which Golf Channel broadcasts the first three events of the year, weekday coverage of all tour events, and full coverage of the Fall Series and opposite-field events.

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