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04-May-2016 17:56

They are constantly making news together for “Bella Ranee” and “Weir Sukollawat,” to the point Bella got ranked to be one of the ten celebrities to receive a year end title by members of the press, naming her “Sakoi Meur Chong.” Also she’s predicted by fortune tellers that in the future, 3 years down the road she will be getting married to Weir. Are you afraid that image is going to be stuck on you? However, I believe that this is something to joke and laugh about. I don’t think that far ahead about my love life, because I’ve only started working. We are distant, but we’re still continuing to talk. But I still would rather focus on work at this point.

It wasn’t then that she realized how important Language is and so she pushed herself to learn in order to work in the entrainment field.Well I’m not serious about it because it’s news that’s been teasing me since the beginning of the year (smiles). I’ve only started working, so I don’t want to have this much news on my love life.